Art Live – AUCTION

We’re auctioning the two incredible pieces of art that were created live during the event. Bidding CLOSES ON WEDNESDAY15TH FEBRUARY at 20:00hrs.


59.4CM x 42 cm

FredErico has volunteered as part of our youth social action work in Ipswich for nearly 4 years. As one of our Suffolk Young Ambassadors he has been part of our We are Patrick and IRise projects. You can read more about the artist and his story here



“Shine a light”

In the artists own words…

This piece represents our society and the weight social media has on the young generation making them feel like they have to act a certain way.

The darkness of the piece represents the dark side to social media and feeling of not being enough.

The light represents trying to brake the cycle and shining through and bring yourself.


Lucky Lotto #2
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas.

Orla Carolin and Jasper Lindsay are second year Fine Art Students at local Kennington Art School, City and Guilds School of Art.

Orla Carolin’s developing Printmaking, Drawing and Painting practice explores modes of Public and Private Communication through text, symbol and image. Jasper Lindsay’s relationship with Painting is process based, with an emphasis on rhythm and the psychologically driven mark.

This is their first Collaborative projeCT

In response to the theme of social change through collaboration, Lucky Lotto draws on themes of separation and togetherness and the individual as part of the whole.

Drawing from scavenged ephemera and imagery from the walls, pavements and road markings of the local area, this process based collaborative work focuses on the construction and deconstruction of the whole image.

On the night of the fundraiser, a canvas of 170cm x185cm was worked on by both artists, navigating a conversation between their marks.

The final domestic sized work selected for auction to guests, titled Lucky Lotto #2 is one of 6 individual works made from the whole, the REMAINING FIVE of which will be gifted to Volunteers.

Place your sealed bid using the form below. You can bid on one or both pieces. Just pop your maximum bid in the relevant box(es).


12 + 7 =

Volunteering Matters will receive 75% of the final auction bid and the artists themselves 25%. Reserve prices have been set for both pieces. Volunteering Matters and/or the artist(s) reserve the right to reject bids and to remove any items from the auction at any time.